Annotated Bibliography

Business Wire. "Canadian initiative uses computer games and WebCT Vista
       PowerSight Kit to promote learning; Empirical data will identify gamer
       activities and learner success factors in SAGE project" Press release.
       November 14th 2005.

       Press release about SAGE project, a group of Canadian researchers studying
online game play, collaborative learning, and simulation games for the purpose
of education and training.

Eisenstadt, M., Dzbor, M., "From Buddy Lists to Buddy Space: Enhanced
       Presence Management for Collaboration, Learning and Gaming". Voice
       On The Net / Presence and Interworking Mobility Summit (VON/PIM
       Europe), Helsinki, Finland. (2002)

       Article about software the two were creating for England's Open University.
Discusses importance of web presence, and how one might manage it. Software
proposes making more interactive social environment for students.

Handy, Alex. "The Buzzmakers". East Bay Express 2005 May 18. Retrieved 2007
       April 17.

       Article in the East Bay Express about Elan Lee's company 4orty 2wo, and
  background info on The Beast, as well as other ARGs the company has produced.

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