Annotated Bibliography

Kumar, Vive. "Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: Issues for research".
       Graduate Symposium, Department of Computer Science, University of
       Saskatchewan, Canada, 1996. Retrieved 2007 April 15.

       Explains computer supported collaborative learning, and suggests several
avenues for research.

Lee, Elan. "This Is Not a Game." Lecture at the Game Developers Conference
       2002. Convention Center, San Jose, CA. March 22 2002.

       Lecture about the creation of the Alternate Reality Game known as "The Beast",
made to publicize the movie "A.I.". Also discussed the 'rules' in creating good
Alternate Reality Games.

Maier, Clive. "Novachem InstaEliminator and NovaBlaster. (What's New on
       the Web)
." British Plastics & Rubber (Nov 2006): 42(1). InfoTrac OneFile.
       Thomson Gale. Madonna University Library. 18 Apr. 2007 .

      Article about UK company NovaChem, and a new training initiative that
 involves an online game that assists in training employees for tasks they perform
on the job daily. The game helps them improve their job skills.

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