Annotated Bibliography

McGonigal, Jane. ""This is not a Game': Immersive aesthetics and collective play"
      MelbourneDAC, the 5th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference.
      May 19 - 23, 2003. p 110-118 (9 pp.)

      Jane McGonigal writes about her experiences with The Beast, and about collective
play and its social side-effects. She also discusses the potential of the collective detective.

SAGE. Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments for Learning. April 2007.
       Retrieved 2007 April 20.

       Home web site for project SAGE, an organization that studies learning applications
for simulations and games.

Saltzman, Marc. "Think outside the box with ARGs" Gannet News Service.
      August 3rd, 2006.

      Short article about recent and upcoming ARGs. Gives a bit of background on
the topic of ARGs as well.

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