This feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction whether on a large or small scale could be especially effective for many different types of problem solvers in many different areas. For instance, an online collaborative learning study amongst a group of doctors in 2006 produced very positive results. The physicians, who were spread out in several countries, monitored and diagnosed a 'patient' with diabetes, and participated in group discussion about her condition and care in an email forum. When the study had finished, the doctors had a new outlook on treatments, and felt that their knowledge was now somehow more relevant. One doctor stated: "It was fantastic to feel that I am offering an up-to-date evidence-based approach in something that I am deskilled in" (Weicha, "Collaborative…"). Other groups have also conducted these types of online collaborative studies in the area of medicine, such as the Canadian research project SAGE, or "Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments (SAGE) for Learning" (Business Wire, 2005).

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