It was kind of fun finally updating this site. I hadn't really touched it in awhile. Mostly, I've made a few cosmetic changes; I made some of the pages a little more uniform in style. Now, all of the links use that nifty css to make them all pale blue with no underlines. Personally, I think it's easier on the eye. I also updated the content on the page detailing my projects. Some of that stuff was actually finished, and others have undergone some changes. I also updated content on my amusements page, and in case you hadn't seen it, there's a photo album of some of my wedding pictures. I of course also added a link to my online project on the homepage, as well as to this page, and fixed that darned counter. I had to fight with some of the code, because my html editor was doing some wacky things. The software that comes with my hosting services are online editors..... I've had a place to leave comment posts and such, a guestbook, before, but all I ever got on it was spam. So I took that out. So, enjoy!